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AI-generated books are taking over Amazon and other online bookshops


The news is that AI-generated books are taking over Amazon and other online bookshops. What is happening is that AI-generated pseudo-books are taking over and spamming online bookshops, such as for example Amazon, and they're even taking real author's names. Authors are currently trying to claim their names back and fight against the AI market. 

Amazon searches control the market

Searches on Amazon control the sales on the platform, but now it's turning up poorly written AI-generated books and people are buying them. They're poorly written because the prose and information are unreliable. 

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What book genres

Travel books are what have mostly been taken over by AI-generated books, reports The New York Times. But the AI market has also started to crop up within books about gardening, cooking, programming, medicine, business, crafts, mathematics, religion, novels, and self-help books. 

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Buyers responsibility

It isn't always easy for readers and buyers to see what is an AI-generated book and what isn't, so they're buying these titles in good faith. You'd think these titles would have a lot of poor reviews from angry readers, but the review column is filled up with AI-generated posts which mislead the buyers. 

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What does Amazon say

A spokesperson from Amazon, Lindsay Hamilton, said to Axios, "We have clear content guidelines governing which books can be listed for sale and promptly investigate any book when a concern is raised."

AI-generated book content isn't prohibited by Amazon, but reacts when these books don't comply with its other regulations. Such as disappointing and misleading customers and not abiding by intellectual property rights. "Amazon is constantly evaluating emerging technologies," Lindsay Hamilton continues. "[But we have] zero tolerance for fake reviews."


This blog post was inspired by the Axios article, AI-generated books are infiltrating online bookstores, written by Scott Rosenberg. 

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**To clarify: What is happening is that it's regular people that are using AI to write their books. These people are then putting these books up online and are also flooding them with false reviews, so you can't tell an AI book from a regularly written book by just looking at it online. It's not until you've bought the book and read it, that you can tell it's an AI written book. The people who publish AI written books make a lot of money, and that's why they do this. 

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