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AI-generated books are taking over Amazon and other online bookshops


The news is that AI-generated books are taking over Amazon and other online bookshops. What is happening is that AI-generated pseudo-books are taking over and spamming online bookshops, such as for example Amazon, and they're even taking real author's names. Authors are currently trying to claim their names back and fight against the AI market. 

Amazon searches control the market

Searches on Amazon control the sales on the platform, but now it's turning up poorly written AI-generated books and people are buying th...

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Marketing according to Amazon


I just received ten marketing tips from Amazon on how to market your books. Here's what I learned from their advice:

1. "Create a compelling cover," Amazon writes. We authors need to have a front cover that looks good as a full-sized image and a thumbnail. Both sorts of images are going to be used on Amazon's sites. They have a Cover Creator Tool that can be used to design a front cover. 

2. "Edit and proofread read your book well," they write. "Books filled with typos and grammatical errors may foster negative customer...

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