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How to write an SEO blog post


How to write an SEO blog post or article is important to increase your visibility and rank on Google. What I mean by rank and visibility on Google is that you'll be ranked as one of the first when customers do a Google search. That is if you have really good SEO on your website. A good SEO is crucial to be seen and selected by customers on Google. 

How to choose a topic

As authors, we need to think about the questions we are most frequently asked about. Ask these questions in Google, for example: "How do I combat Writer's Block?" Or, "How do I publish my book on Amazon?" These are all valid questions that other authors want to know about. Why not write about the most common questions in different blog posts?

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How to not copy and paste

Don't copy someone else's work, instead be influenced by it and do your own research on the topic you're writing about. Write your blog post in your own words, never someone else's. To steal someone else's words is plagiarism and falls under copyright law, and you can actually get a nasty fine and a criminal record if you're not careful. 

How to SEO like a pro

As a copywriter, I've written many articles and blog posts that are SEO adapted, and the sad thing is that Google keep changing their rules for what is great SEO. But these rules are what have been consistent for many years: 

1. Repeat the words you want readers to search for, in the title, in the first sentence and several times in the rest of the blog post/article. In a 1,500-word long article/blog post, I may use the same word/s 10-20 times. Maybe more.

2. Link back to your previous blog posts. This is crucial for a great hit rate on Google. A 1,500-word long article needs 5-7 active links. You need less if the article/blog post is shorter. Google does not like it if you overdo internal links, so don't go on a linking spree.

Check your prose

Remember to check your grammar and spelling. Also, check that your sources are accurate and that you got the right information. I use Grammarly's spellchecker which helps me when I write a blog post. It's an amazing tool. 

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Add an image to your SEO blog post

Feel free to add an image to your blog post. If it's a long blog post, you may want to add a new image for every new subject line, or every third. It's totally up to you!

Length of your SEO blog post

Don't be afraid if your SEO blog post/article seems too long. 1,500-word blog posts or articles are great for Google hit scores, but any longer than that and you should break the blog post into two or three sections. 

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A Call to Action

Call to action means that you ask your readers to do something at the end of your SEO blog post or article. It can be that you ask them to sign up for your newsletter, leave a reply, buy your book or why not get in touch? 


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