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Black Friday Sale


I'm currently having a Black Friday sale on my latest book, Sophia & Mr Rocket!!! 

It's now only £2.25 on amazon.co.uk and can be delivered worldwide. 

The Sophia & Mr Rocket book is a lovely children's story about friendship and reaching your goals. 

Review of my book: 
This was a good entry in the Sophia series as a rocket successfully gets Sophia to play games and put on the right clothes like gloves and a scarf. The red and white rocket was a fun, fantastic character. I enjoyed reading it and guarantee you will too! -Matt Kratz

But hurry, the price for the book is constantly increasing without me having any control over it! Amazon set the rules, so if you wait too long, the cost may be another the next day. 

This book is a great Christmas present to give to someone you love. 

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