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Lately, on Twitter, there has been a considerable ordeal regarding JK Rowling's writing space, and it's ridiculous because as writers we need somewhere to write. It doesn't matter if it's a studio or the kitchen table (which was my go-to place before we moved into our house and I got my dream library. It's an office actually, but it has 1000 books in it).

It doesn't matter where you write, your preferences or what resources you got: make do with what you got. You don't even need to write from home if it suits you better. You can visit your local library, coffee shop or friend's house. I've spent many writing hours outside my home, together with a friend or on my own.

I'm not going to go much into how to decorate your writing space because it can vary so much from person to person. The trick, however, is to surround yourself with things that inspire you. When you write away from home or your kitchen table, this can mean buying an inspirational laptop cover, a notebook and keeping a few Post-it notes with inspirational quotes.

If you have a desk, decorate it with items that inspire you. I have an ink bottle and a small statue of another writer, Homer which encourages me to keep writing.

Keep following your dreams!

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