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Winds of Change


I'm currently writing on a new romantic story for People's Friend, called Winds of Change. It's actually a very old manuscript which I started to write several years ago for People's Friend but never finished.

We should never toss anything we write because we never know when it will be useful again, the same goes for this little manuscript.

I'm not sure how many words it's going to end up at but I'm roughly guessing at between 2000 and 3000 words. Which would fit nicely into one of People's Friend's short story sections. The story is about Rosalind and her daughter Beatrice and their quest for a good marriage for Beatrice. Will her father accept the marriage or will she need to find another match?

I still haven't heard back from People's Friend and Woman's Weekly regarding two other short stories that I've sent to them. Fingers crossed!

Remember, keep following your dreams!

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