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When you like the bad guy


In every single movie I've watched and in every video game I've played, I've held a great fascination to the misfit, the outsider, the bad person. He or she, that only knows how to play by ruining the whole situation. He/she that is the reason to why you're concurring tasks and leaving your comfort zone.

That person is my favourite.

You probably recognise Loke in the movie Avengers who when he tells the crowd to neal, gave me goosebumps. A tyrant, a sadist and an outsider. He is hardly my only bad-guy-crush either, and it all started when I was little and prefered Skeletor in Hi-Man over anything else. Shredder in The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles soon followed and later manipulative, ruthless and selfish vampires in True Blood. It probably doesn't come as a surprise that Mr Gray in 50 Shades of Gray and Slytherin in Harry Potter are two more favourites.

Why is this type of people intriguing to me? What is it inside of me that compels me to like this type of humans? Reading the report by Gregory Louis Carter at the University of Durham sheds a new light on things.

In his investigation, he let 128 women rate who's personality that they found more attractive. One one side was the man who desired attention, admiration, favours, and prestige, the manipulation, exploitation, deceit and flattery of others, a lack of remorse, morality concerns and sensitivity, and cynicism. On the other side was a male who had a personality that didn't comply with narcissism and psychopathy.

It turned out that most of the women prefer the personality with the psychopathic and narcissistical traits. However, how can this be?

Another research shows that we desire the psychopathic trait when we elect our leaders, which were conducted in 2010 by Scott Lilienfeld at Emory University and forensic psychologist Steven Rubenzer and Thomas Faschingbauer, professor of psychology at the Foundation for the Study of Personality in History, in Houston, Texas. They asked biographers of each president to take a personality test based on what they thought that their subject (president) would answer. This is the score they came to:

1. Teddy Roosevelt 2. John F. Kennedy 3. Franklin Roosevelt 4. Ronald Reagan 5. Rutherford B. Hayes 6. Zachary Taylor 7. Bill Clinton 8. Martin Van Buren 9. Andrew Jackson 10. George W. Bush

What the biographers didn't know was that it was a test for psychopathy and the results showed that the more psychopathic the president was, the higher it ranked on the psychopathy test. The top president (Teddy Roosevelt) scored highest.

Why is it that women are more drawn to narcissists and psychopaths? Also, why is it that all humans seem to do so when we elect a ruler? Please give me your thoughts below!

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