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Unions and membership


Today I applied for membership with the Swedish Author Union (the UK equivalent is Society of Authors). In my case, they wanted to see my published work and, it can be that I get rejected because I published my book in the UK, not Sweden.

But, I need to have a UK address to be allowed to register with the Society of Authors. I don't know just yet if I'm allowed to use my husband's parent's address for my application. If I am allowed to, then I'll apply for the Society of Authors in the UK.

I would love to be a member of the Society of Authors in the UK the most because they're for freelance journalists AND authors who write for the UK media. Which ticks all of my boxes.

You can also be an aspiring author and become a member with the Society of Authors. While the Swedish Author Union requires you to have published work before you join. It also costs 300 Swedish Krona (which is approximate £25) in administration fees for them even to consider my membership.

Of course, I paid. Hopefully, I become a member of both unions: the Swedish and the British.

Why become a member? Because, if I get issues with payments from publishers or editors, I may need legal assistance. They also helpt with controlling the work environment for freelance journalists and authors, so you're treated fairly by your editor and publisher.

I want to become a member for the sake of my safety and the future of the industry. If I become a member I can also put that I am on my invoice. It will make it look more professional.

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