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Two more books!


I've written two more books in the Sophia series!!!!!! 

Yes, you heard me correctly! I've written two more books. They're written for the Swedish children's book market, and I am trying to have them traditionally published.

They will be translated and published internationally too in English regardless of how they're originally published. If I can't break through to the Swedish market, I will try to publish them traditionally in the UK, etc. So, stay tuned!

First, the muse came to me for the first of these two books when I was brainstorming ideas. The second time she came when I was asleep last night! 

The first of these two completely new books solves the issue of going shopping with children. The second book is about when Sophia gets lost in the woods and how she saves her own life. Books that every child, teacher and parent should have! 

I will keep you posted! 

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