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Twitter, pinned tweet


If you're on Twitter you've probably come across the pinned tweet feature. The question is, are you making good use of it?

Using the pinned tweet has many advantages. It means that followers can quickly see what your most important tweet is. If you're selling something, this is especially important. Viewers can quickly see what you're selling and share, like, comment and buy your goods. If you got a blog or sell merch, you can also pin it on top!

Maximum of pinned tweets are one at a time. But, you can change your pinned tweet as often as you like.

For me, I have used the pinned tweet to feature my book, Sophia & the Dragon: Who Came for Dinner. I've listed a short bio for the book and two links to where you can buy it on Amazon (which ships across the globe). The front page of my book comes up automatically in the tweet as it has links to Amazon.

I've had in total around 1000 shares on my pinned tweets in total, and have made a few bucks due to it. So, don't hesitate to use it!

The current procedure for when to retweet someone's pinned tweet is when they do the same for you. So, if they've retweeted your pinned tweet, retweet theirs! The same should go for when you've retweeted their pinned tweet, they should automatically retweet your tweet.

Just be careful so you don't have too many retweets on your own Twitter scroll. This is because a lot of people on Twitter won't follow people who only have retweets in their Twitter scroll. If you want more followers, try to keep retweets to a minimum and provide fresh engaging tweets instead.

Those are my tips on Twitter and Twitter's pinned tweets for today. I hope it was of use to you!

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