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Sociala media, how to


The biggest trick to succeed with social media is to give your readers/viewers something that they want, without expecting something in return. Imagine what needs they may have and give it to them. It can mean that you're good at for example photographing and are telling them how to take great pictures. Keep a theme on your social media and only give them what they want to know more about.

This is very important, but sadly many forget about this, and that is to write back to everyone who writes to you. If you have a thousand comments every day, this may not be possible but do try to comment on as many people as you can. Pick people at random when you reply but make sure you answer people in the bottom, middle and at the top of the list. This is to make sure that people who scroll through can see that you are an active commentator even though you can't possibly reply to them all.

Don't be a narcissist and just focus on your own thing. I see so many writers on social media who only post about their books and never engage with other readers and writers online, but they also have zero engagement from fellow followers. The most important thing I can teach you is to comment much more on other peoples social media than you focus on your own. This is how you get other active users to visit, follow and comment on your social media.

Lastly, follow other channels to learn what works and what doesn't and keep publishing exciting content. This will also help you realize what trends are on in your current field.

I hope this has helped you understand the tricks to social media. Keep following your dreams!

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