Sarah J.


Author, Writer, Freelance Journalist


Scrap filing


Have you ever ended up feeling at loss of what to write and on how to write it? There is a simple solution to your problems: scrap filing.

Gather all the magazines that you like to write for and start cutting out each article that you like. Glue them onto a piece of paper, store them in a box or store your cut outs in a magazine folder. If you're a author you can instead copy sentences that you like into a note book.

Needless to say, you should never copy someones' work but there's nothing wrong with being influenced by and stealing a few ideas. After all, we need to read far and wide to be able to develope our writing skills.

Remember though that the current magazine won't feature anything on the same topic soon again, but their rival magazine will.

I hope this has given you a few ideas on how to use a scrap file and what to use it for. Keep following your dreams!

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