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Post-it notes


We've all seen the little notes but how can we use them to our advantage when we write?

1. Use Post-it notes to write down your positive affirmations and mottos, such as "I can have everything I want when I'm patient", "I am a published author", or "The world doesn't reward perfection. It rewards productivity. So stop worrying about being perfect and get the car moving!" Keep the notes in front of you where you're writing, stick them on your computer or your notepad. Fridge and bathroom mirror works just as well. The importance is that you can see the notes often every day.

2. Keep one post-it note for every type of task that you need to do. For example, allocate one for Twitter, another for your blog, a third for your Homepage, and so on. Keep them all, and it's going to be much easier to get a good look at what you need to do. If you want to be even more efficient, you can write these notes into a block calendar and schedule when you're supposed to do each task.

3. Write down solutions to regular problems that you encounter in your work. For me, it's that I have a big issue with rejections and it is a regular occurrence in the life of a writer, and I keep a few Post-its that motivates me through this. For example, I use notes that says "What gets a no is that specific text, because it wasn't what they needed at that specific time", "When self-doubt tells you not to do something, still do it! You are far better than you think you are" and "A writer without ideas is like a chef without any ingredients".

I hope this has helped you in how you can use Post-its in your writing career! Keep following your dreams!!

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