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My eBook update


Hi! I'm currently working hard to get an eBook published of Sophia & the Dragon: Who Came for Dinner.

It's been a roller coaster so far! At first I had to make a kdf template of the digital book that fitted the template for Amazon KDP. Once that was done I needed a pdf of the front page of the book and to fill in a lot of information about the book on https://kdp.amazon.com/en_US/ and then I also needed to name my price for the book.

I wanted to offer the eBook for £0.99 but the website didn't let me set that price, so I set it as the lowest amount possible which was £2.99 for the eBook of Sophia & the Dragon: Who Came for Dinner.

Long story short, I got an email back from Amazon that requested confirmation from my publishers that I held the complete rights to add an eBook of my book. I also needed to comfirm that I was the author and writer of the book.

I got in touched with my publishers and they sent me an email which confirmed that I had full rights to publish the eBook. I confirmed that I was me by using my logins and email address of my Amazon account (which was my Swedish real name account; I use a pen name).

But because I use a pen name and because my contract with my publishers are in a different name than my pen name, I encountered big issues with Amazon: they didn't allow me to publish. They said that my proof was unsufficient.

I have had to send off my request to publish an eBook on Amazon to my publishers, Rowanvale Books. They haven't gotten back to me yet but I asked them if they could publish the eBook for me, as I thought that that would be the easiest solution to all of this mess.

Have you encountered a similar issue or know what I can do to sort out this mess?

Remember to follow your dreams!

Sarah xx

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