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How was the Dragon made?


In the book Sophia & the Dragon: Who Came for Dinner it features a magnificent green dragon. But how was it made?

This dragon must be my favourite thing about the whole story! He is kind but has a bit of a temper when it comes to his food. Something that Sophia handles brilliantly in the story. I won't say how because it will spoil the ending!

The Dragon was made by Jay, one of the amazing artists working for Rowanvale Books. The Dragon was drawn with big teeth and a large belly because it fits his character and the story. He is an enormous dragon after all that cramps into Sophia's house. With great difficulty, I might add!

The Dragon has always been green, scaly, have big teeth and a big belly. I made no changes to the original drawing because I thought he was perfect just the way he was.

Sophia, however, went through several changes, but that is a whole other story!

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