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How to start a portfolio


As writers, we may come across the issue of when applying for work, and we need to hunt around for many of our published/unpublished work to send to our employer. And frankly, it takes time. The time that the employer nor we have. 

This is why I discovered clippings.me! It saves so much hassle for me that I just had to tell you more about it. But, unfortunately, they do not sponsor me.

Clippings.me tells the employer what you are qualified to write and lists ten links or PDFs for free. The clippings look amazing where it's added with a picture, description of the article, and you can click on them to get to the article itself. 

It's a breeze to add a new article too. Just press +Add item to the right under your Portfolio and select Add from URL or Upload PDF. It's so easy it's a pure joy to use! 

I have three URLs and one PDF on there, so I don't have to pay anything for my subscription. But, it's so neat and handy, so when an employer asked me for my portfolio a few weeks ago, I was able to send them ONE LINK and ONE LINK ONLY. Just like that. 

Because the link is so simple, I could even tell him what the link was over the video call interview that we were having! How awesome isn't that! 

The only drawback is that I don't have a clippings.me page for my Swedish articles—just my English ones. I will have to fix it, so I have a Swedish clippings.me too because so many employers nowadays want both my Swedish and English portfolios.

If you're not bilingual or don't work for two language markets at once, you won't discover this issue. If this is the case, I envy you! Working for the Swedish market is so confusing and messy at times.

Some Swedish employers want you to ONLY write in English and therefore request links to your English work. While some only want your Swedish work, and others ask for both. 

If you have issues with coming up with what to write on about me on clippings.me then this is what I have written: 

"I'm a content writer, Copywriter and freelance journalist. Author of the published children's books Sophia & the Dragon: Who Came for Dinner, and its sequel Sophia & Mr Rocket. 

I write for: 
Social Media

I'm qualified in:
Google Docs
Microsoft Office
Social Media
Social media marketing

I am open for commission and have thousands of followers on Facebook and Twitter with who I will share my articles. Am a member of The Society of Authors. 

Contact me today at contact@sarahjwilliams.com."


As you can see, I've listed a quick summary of what I do, what I write for and what I'm qualified in. This helps to make the text as easy to navigate for future employers as possible. 

If you want more ideas on how you can update your clippings.me or if you're just curious to read the articles that I have there. Then feel free to go to: https://clippings.me/sarahjwilliams 

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