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How to increase your income


Many writers wonder how they can increase their income, but look no further: here are the tips!

1. First, write a book and publish it. 2. Publish your book in many countries. As many as possible. 3. Publish an e-book of your book. 4. Write several articles, short stories, YouTube-clips and blog posts based on your paper. 5. Publish your book in many languages. For example, Spanish, Mandarin and Swedish. 6. Publish an audiobook of your novel. 7. Publish a comic book based on your manuscript.

It's important to remember that you hold the copyright for your book, now and 70 years into the future. You also need to think about what you need to multiply your earnings by re-using and recycling old material.

No book should be written only once and then be forgotten, instead, spread your earnings by multiplying what you publish.

Keep following your dreams!

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