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Cuddle up Day


Today we're celebrating Cuddle up Day, which is a great day to cuddle up with a great read or to cuddle with a loved one. Therefore, I have listed three cozy winter activities for families to try this month.

1. Read a book
Wheather you read it out loud as a cozy bed night story to a loved one or read it during the day on your own, is totally up to you. We always read three different books to my daughter when she was little at bedtime. It may seem like much but she needed it to wind down before falling asleep.

As an extra bonus, reading out loud to your children increases their vocabulary by over 30,000 words. Words that they'll need when they're at school and in every day life too. 

2. Play outside
When my daughter was little, we went outside almost every day. Whether it was to the park or the back yard didn't matter, the importance was that she got to go out to play. Often I brought a ball and we had great fun kicking and throwing it to each other. She especially loved the play area in the park and could run around for hours.

Remember to bring a snack and leave your phone in your pocket. If you can't go outside, no matter the reason, why not build a fort with blankets and pillows under the kitchen table? You can also build a Disneyland in your living room: a swivel chair can be a carousel, and a matress can become a tunnel. 

3. Watch a movie
Why not watch a movie with your family? Disney, Studio Ghibli and Pixar are a sure go to but maybe there are other movies that you would like to watch together. You can find many children friendly movies here at Common Sense Media. So, pop some popcorn, cuddle up on the sofa and have a really great time together.

We used to do this every Friday until our daughter got so old that we couldn't agree on which movie to watch. She then wanted to only watch scary movies, or, Marvel movies we'd seen a million times. Not the greatest fun for the whole family. Haha! 

I hope these were useful tips for you and that you will have a great Cuddle up Day!


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