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Answering your questions


Over the years that I've seen and received many questions. Here is a list of a few of them and my answers:

Why do I write? It is almost impossible to answer this question without being poetic. I write because, without writing, it doesn't truly feel like I'm alive. Writing is an extension of my soul and a way to get my thoughts on paper.

If I didn't write me a.) would lose a significant part of what makes me who I am, and, b.) I would probably go insane. I think that this is the case for many writers, journalists and authors: we need to write to remain sane and just like with any profession: it's crucial to who we are. At least if it's a profession we're so happy with that, it completes us.

That's why I love writing so much: because it completes who I am.

Tomorrow I will answer the next question: What are my writing routines?

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