Sarah J.


Author, Writer, Freelance Journalist


A time off


For any creative artist, we often forget that we need to re-charge and take time off work to regain our productivity and well-being. This year I have therefore taken three weeks off work to charge my batteries.

Taking your time off can be hard when you're unused to it. But there are a few things which will help you to calm down:

1. Read a book. Only 6-8 minutes of reading is enough to support your heart rate slow down. 2. Go for a walk where you can see a lot of trees. Just being able to see trees is proven to be calming. 3. Mindfulness, yoga or meditation. I do this a minute here and there throughout the day, and it helps me lower my stress levels. 4. A short nap. If your day is too stressful, schedule in rest during your lunch break, 15 minutes of sleep is enough to increase your health. 5. Speak to someone who makes you happy. Talking to friends and family reduces our stress and improves our wellbeing.

I hope this list helps you as much as it helps me!

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