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A real life ghost story


We went to a scary haunted castle show last night where the guide retold real-life ghost stories, as they were told by the witnesses who saw the ghosts at the castle. One of the stories will haunt me forever. This is the story of the face:

The technician manager told his coworkers that he would finish the last job himself, so he sent his colleagues home and was alone in the castle's attic when he felt someone watching him. He turned around and a blond little girl with braids and blue eyes was watching him. He thought it must be a visitor who had gotten lost in the attic, so he moved closer. Quickly he realised that the girl had no body. She was only a face!

He became petrified and couldn't move. Then the face changed form. The girl's braids came loose, her blond hair turned grey, her blue eyes sunk into their sockets and blood ran down her now wrinkled face. The technician manager stared at her but when the face came closer and closer to him his legs were again able to move and he ran all the way down the stairs and out the front door. He thought that he was safe but then the bloodied face came through the front door and pulled him towards her!

He ran as quickly as he could to his car and was so frightened that he had not set foot in the Castle ever since. This happened 30 years ago and even though the manager has been asked to come back to do more jobs in the attic, he has refused. If I had seen that, I can't help but understand him! 

Do you have a real-life scary ghost story? 

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