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A poem


It's time to share another poem. This one I wrote too when I was young, Autumn 2001, to be more exact. This poem doesn't have a name.

If I had you here tonight

Would you listen and would you make it alright?

I hear your voice

echo through my heart

I remember my last choice

and then my depart

I stand here on my empty road

I want you near, I feel so cold.

I said no more,

and continued into the emptyness

I threw the masks I wore,

and am left bare in my loneliness

I'm but a pale picture of she I used to call Me

I'm only a failed mixture of someone who wants to be free

I lost you,

in my search for completion

But it was torned in two,

and I was convicted for treason

I'm calling you that used to whisper soft words of hope

But the only thing left is this letter in a shattered envelope

Please, answer my cries,

that echoes through my night

I have now silenced my lies,

and taken up my fight

You that held the key

to my heart

Bring back the one I called Me,

you are my last mark

I need to come back to you,

But will you listen, and will you care?

For I have nothing else to do

Because only you can end this despair

Yet again, I find the poem to be inconsistant and erratic. For example, the structure: Sometimes it rhymes four times and four lines, another section only have two rhymes and two lines. But maybe it only bothers me?

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