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5 tips to combat writer's block


(Date 20 July 2018) Looking forward to a holiday when you can focus on your writing to end up not writing at all? This is a common occurrence for most writers. Try these five tips to combat writer's block!

1. Learn which hours that works best for your writing and also find a place which keeps you inspired. It can be a secluded place in your home or at a local library or coffee house. Don't be afraid to experiment in finding what is right for you! Listen to your thoughts regarding what you choose, maybe you would like to write in your dining area, but the painting on the wall isn't inspiring you. Feel free to change and arrange your private writing area until it suits you.

Some people only want to write when they're inspired, but I choose to write between 9-5 every weekday and compensate for the time lost if I have a meeting in the middle of my workday. Find out what works for you!

2. Have you found a good working routine and are still experiencing writer's block? One of the most common issues is that you may be suffering from perfectionism. Keep in mind that the world doesn't reward perfectionism, it pays productivity. Therefore you can turn off the word correcting function on Word and focus on just writing.

Corrections are supposed to be made afterwards and remember that no one can write an excellent text on their own: we all need help! Therefore, once you're finished with correcting your version ask a friend or specialist to take a look at your writing. Don't worry about being perfect, no one is.

3. Are you unable to figure out what's going to happen next in the story? This has happened to me, and it's very annoying! But there is an easy way out of it. The solution is to look at other's writing, movies, series, news reports and history books as an inspiration to your writing. History books are probably the best inspiration for your writing. Remember that there is always someone or something that has happened before that would fit your book entirely. Don't be afraid to look!

4. Maybe you have everything else sorted, and you still can't manage to get yourself to write a single word. The reason for this could be because it's a massive task you're undertaking and the pressure on you is too hard. The way to combat this is to break down your goal into small sections. Make a task out of writing 500 words every day. Don't be satisfied until you've done so!

5. It can be hard to start with a task, and the tactic is to use the 5-minute method! The method consists of tricking your mind into believing that you should only write for 5 minutes. Set a timer and once you have started, you will most likely snooze the alarm and continue working. The important thing is that you start and the rest will sort itself out.

There are many more tips and advice on reader's block, but I will write more of them another time. I hope these solutions helped and best of luck!

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