I often write poems, here is one that I wrote when I was young.

"Devil's Heart/Black Rose

Oh, beautiful rose of mine,

How you have sprung this lovely spring.

You gave it all to me,

Still I can not feel a thing.

As black as my heart might be,

You are still inlove with me.

Or maybe you just have yet to see,

How crypled my heart is?

But, how I love you

under the fogs of mist.

You are the bright horizon

at my dark, night sky.

So, I ask in my own devilish way:

Where have you been

In this endless night of mine?

Because, when your calls echoes

through the silence,

I can not see me calling back.

Oh, Devil's Heart of mine,

What have you done to my life?

Blackened by other's hearts

I can not see what you mean to me.

Oh,how I love you,

My black rose with thorns,

But you are just as blind as me".

The poem demands a bit of work. For example, it isn't consisting when it starts with a rhyme and then continue without it. But, I decided to keep it as close to the original as possible and post it here on the blog. I hope you'll enjoy it!

Keep following your dreams!

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