Became a member of...

I became a member of a site for freelancers where we can show our work to editors. This is what it says in my bio: "Fulltime freelance journalist and author. A freelance journalist working for the English market. Write articles on the topic of mental health, relationships and history. Author of the published children's book Sophia & the Dragon: Who Came for Dinner. I've written for: Magazines Companies Websites Blogs Social media I'm qualified in: Interviewing SEO Wordpress Google Docs Microsoft Office 365 Marketing Social media Social media marketing I am open for commission and have thousands of followers on Facebook and Twitter who I will share my articles to. Am a member of

Updates to my site

This week I've already made the following changes to my website: I've added it to Google, and I've done SEO. Buttons have had their links updated, and I've checked that all links work. The contact section has had a whole revamp! It's now in English, and I've added where you can get hold of me on social media too. I've also added a whole new page which is called Portfolio Freelance Work, where I have updated two articles that I have written for magazines. My portfolio is primarily for editors to view so you/they can see that I can write good quality articles. (And, hopefully, this means that you'll like it and publish my articles.) I'm also testing WIX' new blog. I hope you like the new chang

Unions and membership

Today I applied for membership with the Swedish Author Union (the UK equivalent is Society of Authors). In my case, they wanted to see my published work and, it can be that I get rejected because I published my book in the UK, not Sweden. But, I need to have a UK address to be allowed to register with the Society of Authors. I don't know just yet if I'm allowed to use my husband's parent's address for my application. If I am allowed to, then I'll apply for the Society of Authors in the UK. I would love to be a member of the Society of Authors in the UK the most because they're for freelance journalists AND authors who write for the UK media. Which ticks all of my boxes. You can also be an as

Sent in an article to magazines

I've finished and sent in an article to two magazines! I have re-started the writing course that I began in 2007 and have decided to finish it. When I'm finished I'll get a diploma in freelance journalism and creative writing. But, while I'm doing the course I get to send in work to magazines and publishers. Once, the tutor find the piece ready to be sent in that is, and that's what happened the other week. My tutor said that my work was good enough to be sent in to the magazines it was aimed for. I'm so excited! It's been a long time since I wrote for the English market and last time I didn't get any responce from a magazine. Haven't heard a single word. At least when I've been sending in s

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