Book recommendation: Steal Like an Artist

One of the books that I've found the most helpful to my craft is the New York Times bestseller, Steal Like an Artist: 10 things nobody told you about being creative, by Austin Kleon. It's easy to read the book that is quick to read and quick to learn from. It's 140 pages long but Steal Like an Artist is small and have very few words on each page and many pictures and quotes. Therefore, it feels much shorter than it is. Steal Like an Artist is cramped with valuable advice on how you can find ideas and on how you can develop as an artist. I used it to evolve my writing skills, but you can use it for any other creative profession. One of the advice that Austin gives us is to write what we like,


"Notebooks are not to write in," some writers have said to me, but I disagree. I have several notebooks that I fill with scribbles, poems, to-do-lists, stories and much more. I am a rather visual person, and I like to hold in my hand and see what I need to do. This is important to me, but I don't judge those who don't need that; who says that "unless if it's on a computer it hasn't been written." We are all different when we write, and when we work, and the bottom line is to find something that works for you. Some also collect notebooks and wouldn't write in them for the world. It's understandable and requires our respect. I collect books and would never mark them, cut them, fold the papers

Happy weekend!

Wishing all of my readers and viewers a happy weekend! Back on Monday. Follow your dreams!

Answering questions no 3

There are many questions regarding my writing that I have both received and seen over the years. Here is my take on them. Today's question is: Which music do you listen to when you write? Mostly I listen to Yiruma. He has composed incredible piano solos that are amazing to listen to while you work! When I'm writing on my current work in progress, Thomas then I listen to 30 Seconds to Mars. It's a sci-fi book, and it fits the style of the writing perfectly! What do you listen to? Remember to follow your dreams?

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