How to create a magic system

Many writers who have created a magic system says that there is no right or wrong when you create a magic system. However, you're going to create your own rules that can't be broken. If you write that the magic user ends up in pain for using magic you can't write that he/she can use it unaffected. You need to be consistent and keep to your own rules. Some magic systems are not named or explained and fantasy writer Brandon Sanderson calls these systems for "soft magic". "Hard magic," he says has written rules that are clearly stated in the story. You'll find "hard magic" in for example the trilogy Mistborn and "soft magic" in The Lord of The Ring. Though, it's fine if you want to mix between

How to write a plot twist

One way to create a plot twist is to steer the reader to a certain ending or event and then change it completely to something unpredictable. You can also take a scene in the book and tweak it into another direction and see what happens. Rachel Scheller from Writer's Digest says this about creating plot twists. Ask yourself the following: "What do I need to change to create a more believable world for each separate twist I’m including? How can I drop the gimmicks and depend more on the strength of the narrative to build my twist? Will readers have to “put up with” the story that’s being told in anticipation of a twist ending, or will they enjoy it even more because of the twist? How can I imp

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