A poem

It's time to share another poem. This one I wrote too when I was young, Autumn 2001, to be more exact. This poem doesn't have a name. If I had you here tonight Would you listen and would you make it alright? I hear your voice echo through my heart I remember my last choice and then my depart I stand here on my empty road I want you near, I feel so cold. I said no more, and continued into the emptyness I threw the masks I wore, and am left bare in my loneliness I'm but a pale picture of she I used to call Me I'm only a failed mixture of someone who wants to be free I lost you, in my search for completion But it was torned in two, and I was convicted for treason I'm calling you that used to wh


I often write poems, here is one that I wrote when I was young. "Devil's Heart/Black Rose Oh, beautiful rose of mine, How you have sprung this lovely spring. You gave it all to me, Still I can not feel a thing. As black as my heart might be, You are still inlove with me. Or maybe you just have yet to see, How crypled my heart is? But, how I love you under the fogs of mist. You are the bright horizon at my dark, night sky. So, I ask in my own devilish way: Where have you been In this endless night of mine? Because, when your calls echoes through the silence, I can not see me calling back. Oh, Devil's Heart of mine, What have you done to my life? Blackened by other's hearts I can not see what

Finished Winds of Change

Finally finished writing Winds of Change! Have sent it off to be looked over by two friends of mine, I'm excited to see what changes they will come up with! After the short story is completely finished it will be sent off to The People's Friend Magazine. We currently have a death in the family so it may take a while until the short story is ready to be sent in. But, stay tuned! I will get there! Haha Keep following your dreams!

Find your influencers

As an artist, you may think that you can carry it all on your own, but there is where you thought wrong. As artists, we need to surround ourselves with great influencers to create something new and to find our voice. You don't have to find out who you are first to write, all you need to do is start writing and then after you've been published for a great while; THAT's when you should begin to evaluate who you are as an artist. However, to begin. Pick an artist who inspires you and looks at what inspired him/her. For example, my picks are Oscar Wilde, Rosamunde Pilcher, Robert Jordan and Emily Dickinson. Let us look at who and what inspired Wilde and take him as an example. Then do the same f

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