How to keep sending your work to publishers

To send in your manuscript to publisher after publisher is - to say the least - a daunting situation. The worst is that you often won't find out why your book was declined and it leaves you guessing. For a lot of us, it can also make us start doubting not only our manuscript but our capability as writers. This is why we need to keep our head cool through this process and keep sending our manuscript to the publishers. Don't give up! Remember, it is only those who keep trying who will eventually be a published author. No matter the excuses. But what can you do to keep going? What motivates me? I get a lot of declines but I need to keep sending my material in and this is what I do to motivate m

Winds of Change

I'm currently writing on a new romantic story for People's Friend, called Winds of Change. It's actually a very old manuscript which I started to write several years ago for People's Friend but never finished. We should never toss anything we write because we never know when it will be useful again, the same goes for this little manuscript. I'm not sure how many words it's going to end up at but I'm roughly guessing at between 2000 and 3000 words. Which would fit nicely into one of People's Friend's short story sections. The story is about Rosalind and her daughter Beatrice and their quest for a good marriage for Beatrice. Will her father accept the marriage or will she need to find another

The Hate U Give

Just finished reading The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas and it's a remarkable read. It's completely written in American slang which takes a bit to get used to - if you are a grammar nazi like me - but once you have, it's well worth the read. The book begins with Star going to a party where she meets her best friend, who she hasn't met for a while. A shooting starts and Star makes a run for it but the danger doesn't end there. It ends with her watching her best friend die at the hands of the police and the rest of the book is about how she, the law and her neighbourhood handles the murder. QUOTE FROM THE BOOK: "Sometimes you can do everything right and things will still go wrong. The key is to

Negotiating with publishers

I'm currently negotiating with my book publisher for my book "Sophia & the Dragon: Who Came for Dinner". There are quite a few things that I want them to do for my book: 1. Add a Look inside on Amazon 2. Translate the book into Swedish 3. E-book for Kindle, smartphone, iPad 4. Audio-book: Apple CarPlay, Google Auto, Amazon 5. Publish the book in many more countries 6. How to purchase my book on my website 7. Libraries orders the book 8. Major bookstores sell the book 9. Prices to win? Update the front of the book 10. Update book cover with critic's opinions of the book Not all of these things can be done by the book publisher but where they can't help you they can point you in the right dire

Little Fires Everywhere

Just finished reading this little gem, Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste Ng. The book features Mia and Pearl who moves into a new neighbourhood and the impact they come to have on Richardson's family. But it isn't only Richardson's who are affected by the newcomers, Richardson's comes to change Mia and Pearl too. I can highly recommend this fantastic little read! It's full of profound life lessons and words for thought. It isn't, however, a fast read, so bear that in mind. But overall it's a charming read, which is safe even for the most sensitive reader. Keep following your dreams!

How to increase your income

Many writers wonder how they can increase their income, but look no further: here are the tips! 1. First, write a book and publish it. 2. Publish your book in many countries. As many as possible. 3. Publish an e-book of your book. 4. Write several articles, short stories, YouTube-clips and blog posts based on your paper. 5. Publish your book in many languages. For example, Spanish, Mandarin and Swedish. 6. Publish an audiobook of your novel. 7. Publish a comic book based on your manuscript. It's important to remember that you hold the copyright for your book, now and 70 years into the future. You also need to think about what you need to multiply your earnings by re-using and recycli

Getting up at 5 am

Early bird catches the worm, or does it? Yes, of course it does but that doesn't mean it needs to be done every morning nor does it have to be done at all. The importance is that you find a time during the day (or night) when you write. It doesn't need to be at 5 am in the morning, it can be whenever. Really. The importance though is that you take your writing serious enough to write every day. In my case it means getting up at 5 am. I get up, I start my morning routine and I sit down at my desk. Life is peaceful at 5 am in the morning. No one in the house are up yet and I get a few undisturbed hours of writing done. Needless to say, this is my most productive writing time. It's amazing! Whe

Writing plans for the new year?

Are you a beginning writer and have plans to start on your first book or want to start writing for magazines? Look no further, my blogged is packed with advice on what you need to do to start your writing plans for the new year! If you want to become a writer, the first thing I would suggest is to find time and a place to write. I address more in detail of how you can do that here. The second advice if you want to be a writer is to buy yourself this year's copy of Writers' & Artists' Yearbook. It's packed with contact details of every publisher, agent and magazine that you need to send your work to. My third advice if you want to be a writer is to read the writer's guidelines that most magaz

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